Instantly Double Your SUV Trunk's Storage Space.

Cargo Caddie is a patented trunk organizer for SUVs and CUVs. In SUV and CUV trunks, items are often piled on top of each other, disorganized, and messy. Cargo Caddie solves this problem by providing shelf space above the trunk floor for all the stuff you store in your SUV/CUV trunk. Perfect for organizing groceries, sports equipment, camping and hiking gear, tailgating items, and more!


Universal Fit

Fits Nearly All SUVs and CUVs on the road

Easy Organization

No more overturned groceries or items piled on top of each other

Hassle-free Installation

Easy installation - no tools are required

Easy to Stow

Stows flat against the back of the seat when not in use

Personalization Options

Personalize Cargo Caddie with any logo, monogram, or design

Cargo Net to Contain Items

Designed for optional cargo net to keep Items neatly in place

Additional Product Photos

Before and After


% of New Vehicle Sales in 2021 in the US are SUVs and CUVs


% Increase in Sales of SUVs and CUVs from 2010- 2021


SUVs and CUVs on the road in the U.S. as of the end of 2021


  • My single biggest issue is items sliding around in the trunk. Kids sports equipment or bags. Cargo Caddie solves this issue.

  • Before Cargo Caddie, something was always flying out of the trunk when I opened the trunk door. Now everything stays neatly in place.

  • Finally I can go to the grocery store and keep groceries from coming out of their bags while in transit. And I never have to worry about stuff falling out onto the ground when I open the trunk!

  • I grocery shop three times per week and now with Cargo Caddie I don't ever need to worry again about groceries getting crushed in my trunk.


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